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November 03 2021




Tonic Games Australia

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Forest Farm - A relaxing farming sim for Oculus Rift and Quest, HTC and WMR.

Forest Farm is a peaceful single player VR fantasy farming game with RPG elements. The forests are overgrown, the gardens have been abandoned, can you bring life back to the farm? Grab your tools, grow some produce and create your dream farm!

Create Your Fantasy Farm
Work your overgrown forest into a thriving farm! Clear the forests, grow crops, keep animals, craft fences and more! Turn a wild landscape into your dream farmstead.

Grow a Bountiful Harvest
Select from 21 plants, vegetables and fruit to grow, from 7 different layers - trees, fruit trees, bushes, herbaceous, ground covers, root vegetables and vines.

Design Your Garden Layout
Do you prefer your garden in tidy rows, many small gardens, or one large plot? Layout your garden in your own custom design.

Swing Your Tools into Action
Level up your tools with every use - Use your shovel, axe, pick axe, fishing rod and bucket

Upgrade and Improve
Upgrade your farm by crafting or purchasing fences and much more!

Visit The Market
Trade your fruit and vegetables at the local market to earn gold coins. Spend your gold at the builder, animal trader or vegetable market.

Snap, Smooth and Teleport
Use your favourite locomotion style


The idea for Forest Farm began to sprout after the founder had a life threatening illness which forced them to re-evaluate the kind of games they wanted to develop and make something more in line with their passions. Being passionate about gardening and regenerative agriculture, Forest Farm is an attempt to spread the ideas and practices of these passions and an attempt to lure people back to the natural world.


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