Our Games and Prototypes


Silent Operative

Silent Operative thrusts players into the shoes of a secret agent, where they must utilize a versatile arsenal of weapons and gadgets to navigate through dynamic and challenging missions.

In development as of Q2 2024.


Forest Farm

A peaceful open world fantasy farming sandbox with RPG elements.

Released on PlayStation 5 in 2024 and on Steam, Meta App Lab, Meta Rift Store, Viveport, Pimax in November 2021.


Joy Flight

Joy Flight is a Free to Play open world arcade VR flight game where players will explore, unlock runways with daring landings and complete missions across a large chain of islands!

Released on Steam and SideQuest in December 2022.


Zombie Season

Zombie Season is an Open World FPS, made for Oculus Rift. Walk, drive or fly around Pine City, find some weapons and try to stay alive!

Released on Steam and Meta Rift in December 2019.

Horsing Around

Horsing Around

Free to play multiplayer VR horse riding game. Ride with friends, explore the landscape and generally horse around! Players can explore together, jump around and eventually customise their horses!

Released on SideQuest in December 2021.

Dog Walking Simulator

Dog Walking Simulator

VR dog walking game set in an imaginary Japanese park and street. Made for Meta Quest 2.

Still in development – prototype.


Arch Vis Project

VR Art Museum using external art pack.

Preview – prototype.